An import-export business for Togo (engl. Version)

  Esslingen | Newplacement international

Experience report from the project Newplacement international

Hezou came to Germany from Togo in 2019 with the hope of working here and earning money for his family back home. Unfortunately, the reality for him in Germany was different than he had hoped for. Therefore, in July 2021, he informed himself about the possibilities of a voluntary return at the return counselor for the district of Esslingen, Sabine Pereira. 

Ms. Pereira informed him about the support options of the REAG / GARP program and recommended that he should contact Newplacement International. In early July, Hezou decided to participate in the project Newplacement International (NPI). Karesly Saavedra Cabrera of NPI had several counseling sessions with him to jointly reflect on how a future perspective for him in Togo could look like. 

He was initially unsure whether he wanted to be employed in a company or whether he should start his own business. He was interested in the field of logistics, both for dependent employment and for self-employment. For this reason, he wanted to obtain a forklift driver's license, which would provide him with better opportunities on the job market in Togo. Newplacement International organized a training provider and a simultaneous French translator for Hezou, as he spoke neither good German nor English. With the support of the simultaneous translator, Hezou was able to successfully complete the driver's license training. 

After further deliberations during the counseling process, Hezou decided to become self-employed on different footholds: on the one hand, he bought two used cars in Germany to ship them to Togo and then use them as taxis; on the other hand, he wanted to start an import-export company that would ship goods from Togo to Europe and vice versa. 

After his return in August 2021, he put these plans into action and today he successfully runs his import-export business. His two cars are also driving as taxis on Lomé's streets and in the meantime he was also able to acquire a mini truck, which he now rents out to interested parties. 

We wish Hezou all the best for his future and wish him many satisfied customers.


Ein Import-Export Geschäft für Togo